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> The site of the Tatou with a lot of information, particularly on the Damas and the gas forges.
> A description of exemplary workshop at Frédéric Maschio and several other things.
> A lot of various information (steels and metallurgy) on Jean-Paul Gauche web site.
> The excellent site of Joël Becker contains many information on forging and steels.
> A US cutler specialized in "old west" knives . Daniel Winkler makes wonders!
> On the site of Bob Warner, you will find of course knives, but also a lot of various information and good ideas.
> Complete and pleasant site of Alain Miville-Deschênes, a canadian cutler. Beautiful knives and a lot of various information.
> Much interesting things to read on the site of Ed Caffrey. See in particular the knife articles section...
> The site of Jake Powning shows beautiful things. The tecnhical side is not neglected (see in progress).
> The site of Jean Santos. One speaks engraving and knives there.
> On his site, Michel Montlahuc presents knives and woodcarvings...
> Splendid Piedmonteses of animal inspiration by Michael Moing.
> A lot of information about damas by Georges Emeriau.
> Some magnificent carved handles by Laurent Gerdil.

> Some good tutorials (mainly blacksmithing) by Torbjorn Ahman.
> A wide variety of good videos about knifemaking on Koss workshop.

> Some magnificent leather sheaths by Maryline Lecourtier.
> Original jewels and custom making by Caroline Margueritat.
> A lot of information about bow making by Pierre Lansac.
> Some wonderful bows by les Arcs du Corbeau.

> How to build japanese bellows. Article of Daniel O' Connor.
> All the art of Tsuka-maki, with much images. By Thomas Buck.
> The How to section of a site on blacksmithing: Realization of tongs and forge.
> A talk about direct ore reduction with The Smelter's Art.
> Some other information about the ore reduction with Adventures in Early Iron Production.
> Some tricks and advice on Fabriquer son couteau.
> One of the best collections of backstand picture on gonza-rytec.

Forums of discussion
> A place of convivial exchange and in French with Forum des Couteliers Forgerons Francophones (French-speaking bladesmith forum).
It is where I am connected most often.
> An invaluable source of information. This is dense on Knife Network forum.
> The Bladesmith's forum contains much interesting subjects, of which a forum on ore reduction!

Associations and sources of information
> The site of Ifram (Institut de Formation et de Recherche pour les Artisanats des Métaux = Institute of Formation and Research for the Craft industries of Metals) is a good source of information.
> The site of ABANA (Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America). Sympathetic, complete. It is necessary to search a little...
> Anvilfire is one of these sites that cannot be ignored, with very interesting things. To see absolutely: "iforge" and "power hammer page".
> A fantastic group of cutlers on The Knife Network
> Again an association of US blacksmiths: California Blacksmith Association. Unfortunately, few things about knives.
> The section "numerical documents" of Bibliothèque Nationale de France (French National Library), with much documents to download...
> The publishing house Emotion Primitive republishes books about blacksmithing and cultlery. Thank Gery for his work.
> Many very various articles on the "how to" of the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association (FABA).
> A dynamic association of steel enthusiasts of all kinds: Les Forges d'Autricum. This association is based on Chartres (Eure-et-Loir France).

> Eurotechni : Steel (carbon, stainless, damascus), non ferrous metal, quenching oil, stainless heat treat foil, materials for handle, accessories (spacers, screws, threaded axes, rivets) for knifemaking, heat treating and laser marking - all managed by a friendly and competent team!
> SPAP Soucille: Everything you need for sanding and polishing: abrasives (bands, rollers, sheets), discs, rings, polishing paste...
> Hign quality wood at Kauffer.
> Tools and materials at Dictum. A bit expensive but top-quality!
> All cutllery parts at Brisa. Reliable and quick shipping.
> Some wood at Bois52-3apl. Excellent quality and very attractive prices. To use without limit!
> Some equipment and materials specific to cutlery at Wolf Borger .
> Mail-order selling of the mechanical tools at Otelo (for France). Complete catalogue.
> Pipes and rods in small sections, very useful for masic pins at L'Octant.
> For good sharpening stones : Ardennes Coticule .
> Some horn, wood (raw or stabilized) and spacers at Mercorne. A bit expensive, but good materials.
> All that it is necessary for the sheaths... Leather, tools at Fages & Aiglon.
> Equipment and supplies for leather at Deco cuir
> Equipment and supplies for leather at Outils Loisirs
> Machines for knifemaking at Titan Grinder (backstand, heat treating oven, press)
> On the site of Sheffield Knifemaking Supply, you can download a catalogue (in pdf) containing much useful supplies.
> For building backstands, much ideas at Beaumont Metal Works, Ltd..
> The web site of Thyssen, steel supplier. With an access to the datasheets.
> Basic electronic components and ferric chloride at Gotronic.
> Refractory materials for heat treatment furnaces at Prosiref, all with advice!
> Screws ans axis at Couteau précision.
> Abrasives (sheets, discs, belts) at Prix Abrasif.

And also links for documents to download in Multimedia page.