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About... Some information on the site, the contributions and the history of the site.
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Bibliography Hurrah for the books, a formidable source of information...
       Cutlery The books whose cutlery is the main subject.
       Blacksmithing Books on blacksmithing.
       Miscellaneous Information on related subjects (leather, wood, metal, tools).
       Journals The panorama of some available journals .
       Multimedia DVDs and documents to be downloaded.
Events The gatherings and shows about blacksmithing and cutlery.
       Diary Various shows with location and date.
       Fête du Fer Photo report on the "Fête du Fer" (Festival of Iron).
       Gembloux Photo report on the BKS show in Gembloux (Belgium).
       Fèvres The show for metal's craftmen.
       Thiers Photo report on Coutellia in Thiers.
       Sicac Photo report on the sicac in Paris.
       Nontron Photo report on the knife show of Nontron.
Achievements Examples of various achievements:
       Fixed blade knives Gallery of Fixed blade knives.
       Folding knives Gallery of folding knives.
       Miscellaneous Gallery of not assembled blades and miscellaneous forged objects.
Beginners Some special pages for the neophytes:
       Steel Some basic concepts on steels.
       Glossary The main terms used for blacksmithing and cutlery.
       Make a forged blade The checklist of the steps for making a forged blade.
       How to start Some ideas to begin cutlery.
       The equipment to start Some ideas to carry out a workshop limited to the main things!
Pratical Some various information on practical or utility aspects...
       Reprocessing For recycling! Economy and ecology...
       Wood To cut and prepare the wood.
       Steel in practice Practical information on steel.
       Conversion For Anglo-Saxon and metric measurements conversion.
       Finality The knife in the spirit of the manufacturer and the hand of the user.
Metallurgy Some technical elements on steel:
       Bases on steel Some fundamental knowledge on this alloy!
       Standard classification of steels What to facilitate the decoding of the standardized nuances.
       Steels for cutlery Some nuances to choose, datasheets and the use.
       Microstructure of steels Or what is happening at macroscopic level?
       Iron-Carbon diagram "The" diagram which should be known. (in first, there are others of them!)
       Time influence What occurs out of balance.
       Heat treating Preliminary knowledge for the comprehension and the practice of heat treating.
       Annealing A bit of theory and practice for the implementation of Annealing.
       Normalization Not very known, this heat treatment is essential for good blades.
       Hardening The star of heat treating.
       Tempering The last, but not least of the heat treatments.
       Quenching mediums A fast review of the various possibilities.
       Glossary Basic terms of the metallurgy of steel.
       Grain of steel Essential bases to know this major aspect.
       Diffusion Or, how carbon moves in steel?
       Manual case hardening A method to easily make simple case hardening.
       Case hardening with clay A method to easily make case hardening with clay.
Workshop The workshop of the blacksmith and cutler:
       General tools Tools, from the anvil to the small accessories...
       Tools for leather Specific tools for leatherworking...
       U-shaped forge Making a forge in "U", particularly adapted for cutlery.
       Ground forge Making a forgedirectly on the ground. Not possible to make simpler.
       Ventilation The recycling of an old vacuum cleaner in a forge blower.
       Stack Fitting of a stack which can replace an anvil.
       Tongs Not very conventional, but effective method to make blacksmith tongs.
       Sanding block Make a small accessory quite useful to those which do not have a backstand.
       Thingummy for folder Make a gadget for the design of the folding knives.
       Screw clamp for ricasso Manufacture of a tool to facilitate the realization of the junction blade/ricasso.
       Counterbore cutter How to make a counterbore cutter.
       Accessories Accessories, gadgets and home made tools. Small things that change life.
       Electroetching Making and use of an electroetching unit.
       Improvement of a tempering oven Modification of a kitchen oven with addition of an electronic temperature controler.
       Stonewash machine Building of a rotary drum type machine to make a stonewash finish.
       Water bath for acid Building of a water bath device to heat acid safely.
       Safety Reminder of the essential rules.
Cutlery Techniques and methods specific to cutlery:
       Assembly techniques Drawings of the principles of assembly of the knives.
       Hidden tang All the steps for the assembly of hidden tang fixed blade knife.
       Full tang All the steps for the assembly of full tang fixed blade knife.
       Piedmontese Assembly of a Piedmontese folding knife, with realization of the handle in three parts.
       Inspiration Some ideas about knife design...
       Grinding Basis on blade grinding and blade dimensions depending on their use.
       Caulking of a folder axis The realization of an axis for folding knife with a caulked metal rod.
       Threaded axis Use of threaded axis and screws for folding knives.
       Treatment of wood How to treat and protect knives handles.
       File work How to decorate the blades easily.
       Maintenance How to take care of your knives.
       Making washers How to make teflon washers.
       Mosaic pins How to make these mosaic pins for handle decoration.
       Leatherworking Mandatory basis for leatherworking.
Forge Techniques and methods specific to blacksmithing:
       Forge fire Some words on what occurs in the hearth.
       Charcoal Some principles for the use of this fuel.
       Forge exercices "scales" for the blacksmith!
       Forge a blade All that it is necessary to know to pass from a rod of steel to a forged blade.
       Forge a hidden tang Making a hidden tang.
       Forge of a Piedmontese's blade With a detailed attention for the pallet.
       Integral forged knife Tutorial of making from the rod to the finished knife.
       Shaping a blade with file A working method to shape a forged blade with files.
For sale What I sell and what I make.
       Available What I have in my stock.
       Formalities How to buy.
       Products What I can make for you.
       Making My way to work.
       Specific designs Special products.